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Investment Approach & Process


We Help Companies & Investors Achieve Success

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Identifying Investment

Macro Economic Trends

Forum prioritizes downside protection and capital preservation along with the potential for exceptional returns, and this means we keep a close eye on relevant macroeconomic trends that may affect specific geographies in which we do business, as well as the overall real estate market.

Target Sectors

To maximize upside potential, Forum focuses on sectors that offer unique opportunities, with a focus on stable income, high demand, and likely growth. This targeting is based on assessing individual real estate verticals, macro and local economic trends, and the unique needs of specific markets.

Identifications of Operating Partner

We seek out, assess, and team up with local operating companies of large opportunity funds, regional real estate operating companies, public REITs, developers, and other partners who have a history of success. Each partner is scrutinized for their experience, ability to raise capital, and solid track record of project management.

Property Acquisition

Forum works with its partners to acquire prime real estate properties that enjoy mitigated risk and exceptional potential ROI. Each holding is carefully vetted for its long-term viability, growth potential, and its current ability to generate consistent income.








Our Investment Strategy

Forum practices a top-down approach to investment allocation by identifying operating partners, property sectors, trends, and geographies that it believes possess the capability to achieve outsized risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long- term. Forum’s process begins by evaluating macroeconomic trends and variables, such as GDP, trade balances, currency movements, inflation, interest rates, and geopolitical risks.

Forum then identifies either assets or operating companies that it believes possess a durable competitive advantage in real estate sectors that are poised to outperform. 

Asset Level Investment

Forum’s direct asset investments combine the macro theme-based approach with bottom-up underwriting. Properties or portfolios typically generate targeted returns from a combination of income and capital appreciation. Forum will often structure investments to prioritize downside protection while focusing on upside potential through a combination of equity, preferred equity and/or debt.

Entity Level Investment

Forum specializes in providing growth and/or restructuring capital to real estate operators. This core practice focuses on extracting a resilient income stream and capital protection from an underlying real estate portfolio whilst deriving investment upside from an interest in the enterprise value of the operator. Compared to investing exclusively at the asset level, this strategy creates a long-term synergy between Forum and the operating company to scale assets and operations.