Current Offerings

Global Co-Investment Opportunities II (“GCIO”) is a Forum sponsored and managed Reg-D fund that provides equity, debt, or hybrid financings to commercial real estate investments.

Past Offerings

Beginning in 2003, Forum raised a series of 7 closed-end, commingled funds (“Funds”) for institutional investors, generally targeting real estate investment opportunities on a regional basis. The Funds included a series of “Realty Income” vehicles targeting sustainable current cash flow and appreciation from investments in, and alongside of, specialist listed and private operating companies:

In addition to the Realty Income series of Funds, Forum arranged, and acted as sole or co-general partner to, a number of specialist Funds, also organized on a regional basis a specialist strategy or sector, or including:

Lastly, Forum organized a separately-managed account or joint venture with a leading European commercial bank to manage that institution’s investment in a portfolio of real estate debt, equity, and joint venture assets. The portfolio was ultimately liquidated over a multi-year period and the proceeds thus realized were distributed to the bank.








Our Investment Strategy

Forum practices a top-down approach to investment allocation by identifying operating partners, property sectors, trends, and geographies that it believes possess the capability to achieve outsized risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long- term. Forum’s process begins by evaluating macroeconomic trends and variables, such as GDP, trade balances, currency movements, inflation, interest rates, and geopolitical risks.

Forum then identifies either assets or operating companies that it believes possess a durable competitive advantage in real estate sectors that are poised to outperform.