Proven Partners, Well-Deployed Capital, and Smart Governance Create Success

Investment Approach & Process

Forum Partners invests in targeted sectors/markets and in partnership with proven teams with the goal of helping them grow—and it all starts with extensive research coupled with an on-the-ground presence in promising markets.

First, we identify a niche strategy with durable high risk-adjusted returns. We then seek out partners with a proven track record of success. These can include local operating companies of institutional investors, regional real estate operating companies, public REITs, developers, and more.

Our partners must have real estate and fiduciary experience, the ability to raise third-party funds, and an ongoing history of successful project management.

Forum negotiates a stake in their projects, which can take the form of:

• Investment manager co-sponsorships: These equity co-investments enable strong real estate companies to expand and continue their track record of success.

• Public and private entity-level investment: This approach enhances a company’s investment capital and execution as we expand with them.

These investment structures allow us to collaborate with the company to enhance their growth and returns while providing diligent downside protection to our investors.

After making entity-level investments with our partners, we can then make a series of general-partner (GP) co-investments alongside them—focusing on promising real estate projects that leverage our acumen and their specialized, local expertise.

We Help Companies & Investors Achieve Success

Headquartered in London with five regional offices across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, we have an established extensive track record of creating attractive returns by making growth and restructuring capital investments into middle-market private and public real estate companies.

Management Partner Benefits:


Access to flexible, long-term capital


Tailored investment structuring that results in proper alignment of interests between all parties


Enhanced governance and fiduciary processes


Extensive research and planning resources


Mitigated risk and enhanced growth opportunities

Investors Benefit:


Access to proven teams and initiated real estate investment opportunities


Diligent downside protection through Forum’s relationships and on-the-ground presence in the markets where it invests


Emphasis on predictable and stable income generation


Potential for outsized risk adjusted returns

 Identifying Investment Opportunities

Macro economic

Forum prioritizes downside protection and capital preservation along with the potential for exceptional returns, and this means we keep a close eye on relevant macroeconomic trends that may affect specific geographies in which we do business, as well as the overall real estate market.


To maximize upside potential, Forum focuses on sectors that offer unique opportunities, with a focus on stable income, high demand, and likely growth. This targeting is based on assessing individual real estate verticals, macro and local economic trends, and the unique needs of specific markets.

Of Operating

We seek out, assess, and team up with local operating companies of large opportunity funds, regional real estate operating companies, public REITs, developers, and other partners who have a history of success. Each partner is scrutinized for their experience, ability to raise capital, and solid track record of project management.


Forum works with its partners to acquire prime real estate properties that enjoy mitigated risk and exceptional potential ROI. Each holding is carefully vetted for its long-term viability, growth potential, and its current ability to generate consistent income.

Private Equity & Debt Investments

 Select Portfolio Companies


Origination Date: June 2018

Asset Type: Shareholder Recapitalization

Dermot is a New York City-based real estate firm focused exclusively on developing, acquiring and managing multifamily rental properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Since inception, Dermot has developed or acquired more than 50 properties with a gross value of $2.5B in partnership with leading US and European institutional investors. Forum participated in a recapitalization of the Company in 2015 associated with the buyout and retirement of its founding partner. As of March 31, 2019, Dermot managed 12 apartment buildings comprising 3,599 apartment units.

Origination Date: May 2018

Asset Type: Platform Recapitalization

Gadsden Properties is a US based development and management company with a focus on retail and mixed-use real estate in secondary and tertiary cities. The Company derives value from smaller, flexible retail investments that range from $5 million to $50 million and off-market mixed-use properties ranging from $50 million to $250 million. As a result of this chosen strategy, Gadsden has developed a unique competitive advantage that generally allows them to invest in markets and assets that are often overlooked by larger institutional investors. The Company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is looking to expand in the Southwest including Texas and New Mexico.

Origination Date: December 2015

Asset Type: Initial Capitalization, Founding Shareholders

Workspace Property Trust is a fully-integrated real estate company focused on acquiring, owning and operating high-quality office and flex real estate in prime locations within transit centric, amenity rich suburban submarkets. The Company was established in 2015 by a management team led by industry veteran Thomas Rizk and an investor group including Forum Partners. As of March 31, 2019, Workspace’s portfolio comprised 148 properties with 9.9 million square feet with an occupancy rate of 89%.

Origination Date: August 2018

Asset Type: Platform Recapitalization & Programmatic Acquisition Strategy

Urban Retail Properties, LLC, is a privately held commercial real estate investment and operating company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Formed over 40 years ago, Urban Retail is a national leader in the third party management of retail properties, including regional malls, power centers, community centers and big box portfolios. Urban has five regional offices throughout the United States and has worked closely with more than 100 clients over the years, including pension funds, individual owners, insurance companies, special servicers,and institutional owners of mixed-use, retail and office asset classes. Urban currently manages 34 retail properties in 15 states, comprising of nearly 13 million square feet.

Origination Date: November 2018

Asset Type: Programmatic Acquisition & Development Strategies

Prime Data Centers a fully integrated US based real estate management and development company with focus on design, development, leasing, operations, financing and acquisitions of data center real estate. A private firm managed by a team with over 15 years of experience in technology and private equity. Forum has partnered with Prime to acquire cash flowing data centers with mid to long term leases with value add through vacancy reduction, repositioning and development. The Company is planning to focus on Tier 1 and Tier 2 North American markets, as well as edge markets with long-term leases.

Origination Date: January 2018

Asset Type: Platform Capitalization & Programmatic Acquisition Strategy

CP Holdings LLC is based in Dallas, Texas and is an owner and/or operator of aged care facilities in the south central US. The Company’s management team has over 30 years of experience in the senior housing industry. Through its subsidiaries CP provides services for assisted living and memory care in addition to ground up development projects. CP is expected to expand nationally with the increasing demand for senior housing.

Origination Date: April 2018

Asset Type: Private Share Placement

TTL is a Munich-based real estate investment and asset management group focused on the German commercial real estate market and is publicly-listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange [TTO.F]. TTL’s primary holdings include an interest in German Estate Group, a €3.2B AUM real estate investment venture between the DIC Group and KKR, and an indirect ownership in DIC Asset AG, a €5.6B AUM publicly-listed real estate company focusing on the German office sector [DIC.F]. Forum has been associated with various constituent companies of the DIC Group, including TTL, for over a decade.

Origination Date: May 2019

Asset Type: Debt Investment

Freshwater Asset Management has been established by Forum Partners in partnership with a major UK-based institutional investor to capitalize on opportunities arising out of dislocation in the Australian residential market. Freshwater is focused on purchasing, at a discount, quality residential units in the capital city markets of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The Company is partnering with dedicated residential leasing and sales personnel to execute on its business plan over the next three years, during which it expects a gradual recovery in property market conditions.

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